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In 1939, Barbizon was established as a modeling school on 5th Avenue, New York City.
Barbizon has a history of nearly 80 years in model and talent training, and have produced many Hollywood stars, Paris Collection models and television stars throughout the years.
Barbizon Japan was Barbizon’s first international school ever made, and it started here in Osaka, Japan. The model and talent training methods which Barbizon has cultivated throughout its long history, has been praised throughout the world, and has made many dreams of ‘becoming a model or talent’ into reality.
Want to become a model but don’t know how? Want to learn acting techniques? Want to know what’s inside the industry? Want to brush up yourself and expand the possibilities…?

We are sure you will find what you are looking for at Barbizon Japan. Now, take your first step into making your dreams come true with Barbizon Japan.

What is Barbizon?

Barbizon holds a long history in America, the `Home of Entertainment’.
Star after star, the achievements of Barbizon are real !
Not only are they models and actors, but also dancers, singers,
reporters, MCs, theater performers, each valuing their individuality and fulfilling their dreams.

Why Barbizon?

  Barbizon Japan is aligned with many major modeling and acting agencies. 90% of our graduates are accepted to these agencies. After students are finished with their curriculum, we offer career counseling, studio photo-shoots, auditioning methods, finishing off with an ‘open audition’. Many major modeling and acting agencies are invited to the ‘open audition’, where the students are able to appeal the skills they have achieved throughout the course.


The modeling and acting course at Barbizon Japan is approximately a one year program.
Many of America’s successful actors, actresses, singers are actually former models. These days, models are not just about looks, but are required to have skills in various fields, as well as acting and self-expression skills. At Barbizon Japan, not only do we offer modeling and acting skills, but also voice training and special workshops. Each class is formed in small groups with a teacher in charge. The lessons are taught by teachers whom are active broadcasters, actors, trainers, dancers, and make-up artists.
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Model Training
Students will learn the modeling basics such as walking, posing and posture. Students will also learn walking and posing skills necessary for shows, photo shoots and any other modeling opportunities.
Talent Workshop
Students will learn about the world of film, television and theater. Students will also learn how to present theirselves on screen or on stage by role-playing their acting and self-expression skills in front of a camera.
Nutrition Science
Building a beautiful and healthy body is essential to becoming a model or talent. A nutritionist will check each students eating habits and will learn how and what to eat.
Students will learn about the the elements of talking in front of a crowd and will learn how about the importance of the ‘first impression’.
Students will learn how the muscles and framework of the body work, and will learn exercises necessary in order to make and maintain your proportion.
You will learn how to introduce yourself at auditions and how to make a good impression. There will be mock auditions throughout the course to help you prepare for the real audition.
Make Up & Fashion
Students will learn how to make themselves look attractive and radiant with the right make-up, hair, and fashion techniques .

Student’s Voice

Erika Okabayashi

”I have always liked performing in front of a crowd and wanted to become a model, but didn’t have the courage to take that step since I didn’t have the skills or experience. It was then that I found out about Barbizon Japan and applied right away. At Barbizon Japan, not only did my skills improve, but through the many modeling experiences they offered me, I was also able to brush up my inner self as well. I learned a lot of things that cannot be learned anywhere else and experienced so much. I’m really glad that I came to Barbizon Japan. I will for sure make use of this experience and continue striving to achieve my goals of becoming a model.”

Nobuaki Mayama

”I had a little bit of modeling experience as an amateur model in magazines and hair salon advertisements, but felt that I wanted to improve my skills and applied to Barbizon. On entering Barbizon, I felt a bit insecure at first, but the staff, teachers, and fellow students were all very kind and welcoming, so I was able to adapt easier than I thought. At Barbizon, I learned basic runway and makeup methods and found out that changing the way you spend your daily life makes a difference in maturing as a model. It has been 6 months since I started Barbizon, and I’ve been passing a lot of auditions, and at photo shoots people tell me that my facial expression got better and that I’ve improved in many aspects, which makes me realize how much I’m growing as a model. I want to keep improving myself and want to become a model that is loved by everyone!